Paths… Over Rocks and Roots (… by Definition)

Paths... Over Roots & Rocks… is my visual exploration of aspirations, behaviors, traits, values and opportunities that frame a lifetime of choices and experiences.  To feed the discussion, I have linked the infrared photographs with dictionary definitions.  The definitions that accompany every image can either be seen as literal… or subjective… whichever you think connects best with your experience.

My images evoke introspection.  Unique qualities of infrared photography add a fresh perspective to these carefully selected images.  The mystery and vanishing points of paths lead your eye into the settings of my “Paths in Life” series.  Combining them with work focusing on “Roots” and “Rocks” further explores the environment.  And it frames the meaning of these paths as metaphors about life.  The blending of these images enhances the scope of each visual message and adds further thought provoking context for your interpretation.  This 80-page hardcover book is 12″ x 12″ and includes 39 images.  It has been an exciting project which I hope you will find visually stimulating.

It is is available by inquiring directly to