Creative Inspirations

As I display this work, the Gallery names imply some context for the images I created.  Simply put, these “titles” are how I label the folders in my own storage system.  But why?  Let me explain…

Color Galleries: Images from within the light spectrum of human eyes

Extracts – New shapes and patinas emerge as structures weather, wither and waste away.  These subjects are fragments that emerged and captured my imagination as I gazed at the scene.

Places Special places demand their own visual identity in a landscape setting.  I have been uplifted by the memorable light I experienced while visiting these lighthouses, waterfalls, historic sites and striking natural phenomena.

Rocks Texture in our surroundings is often punctuated by a pervasive, stony presence.  I see the sculpting of such hard surfaces by environmental forces as an imposing reflection of the power and creativity of nature.

Flora – Close-up photography of flowers, trees and cacti reveals unexpected beauty and detail.  I am drawn to the seemingly infinite variation of color and shape that is magnified by soft light.

Scenes Light influences color, texture and shape to enhance a landscape experience.  Both familiar and unforeseen natural settings inspire me by offering a palette for photographing a stunning panorama.

Rides – Man’s machines move us from place to place… land, sea and air.  When they become motionless with age, I find their rusty abandonment the ingredient for interesting imagery in a variety of settings.

Infrared Galleries: Images from beyond the light spectrum of human eyes

Ruins – Infrared imagery challenges the visual preconceptions of the mind.  I visit the abandoned products of man’s presence to find how the forces of nature have reshaped and engulfed them in a new light.

Paths – The mystery and vanishing points of paths lead your eye.  I have discovered they often convey a commentary on human aspirations, behaviors, traits, values and opportunities in life.

Lonescapes – Lonely landscapes and seascapes create a solitary mood that is beautifully inspiring.  I find being alone with the beauty of these places overwhelms the sense of loneliness of the scenes.

Roots  Trees stand on a foundation that supports and nourishes their lives.  I observe these natural formations in some of the most creative contexts and circumstances where their configurations suggest meanings to my imagination.